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Two minions get in a competition.
"Minions: Mini-Movie - The Competition" is a 4-minute short film from last year that is connected to the "Minions" full feature film. Let me start by saying I really liked "Despicable Me", I liked "Despicable Me 2", but I did not like the Minions movie I just mentioned. The story is probably worse in that one than the characters are, but it wasn't a convincing watch really. In my opinion, the minions are fine for comic relief that has not really to do with the core plot, but that's basically it. Even for such a short film like this one, i must say they simply did not carry the action unfortunately. Also a bit to see it took 2 writer and 2 directors to come up with something as forgettable as this film here. Really disappointing. The action was uninteresting and the comedy simply wasn't funny. Maybe the Minions have their best days behind them? I am not sure. I hope "Despicable Me 3" proves me wrong. But I cannot recommend this very short film here. Thumbs down.
Minions are everywhere and I love them, though as proven by the Minions movie (2015) they don&#39;t entirely have what it takes to carry a movie by themselves. <br/><br/>Sadly this appears to go for mini-movies as well.<br/><br/>Here we see two minions get competetive with one another and compete in contests from throwing paper into a waste basket to boxing to thumb wars to racing bombs!<br/><br/>It&#39;s fun, it&#39;s silly, but it&#39;s a blink and you&#39;ll miss it short that will appeal to the very young crowd more than anyone else.<br/><br/>The Good:<br/><br/>MINIONS!<br/><br/>The Bad:<br/><br/>Fleeting<br/><br/>All round just not that great<br/><br/>Things I Learnt From This Movie:<br/><br/>Minions NEED Gru

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